Outpatient Anesthesia Services - Founder Mary Diggles, CRNA

Outpatient Anesthesia Services has been providing quality care since 1993. Founded by CRNA, Mary Diggles, the cornerstones of OAS’ success has been balancing the needs of both the surgeon and the patient.

Today our focus continues to be combining a safe, painless and nausea-free anesthesia experience to our patients, while providing rapid turnover and recovery periods for our clients. We strive to “BE” who we say we are. A company that provides exceptional anesthesia care to our patients, an unrivaled anesthesia service to our clients and a team consisting of elite anesthesia providers current on all anesthesia care options.

OAS sees our anesthesia providers as a foundational uniqueness that truly sets our team apart. We believe that a team who understands the whole picture of an anesthesia service is the best place to start. In the outpatient setting, dynamics such as a team player attitude, an attention to costs savings in both time and materials and viewing the client and patients as “customers” are only the basics. Our providers are further trained to be diplomatic and resourceful in each and every situation to create as many “win-win” results as possible.

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Client Resource Page

All OAS assets are available to our clients via our online Resource Center. Templates, manuals and even credentialing all in one place.


OAS proudly offers our clients an autonomous MD/CRNA model.

Effeciency and Speed

Turnovers are vitally important. OAS keeps our times under 15 minutes.

Committed to the Cause

OAS Providers don’t cut out early. We stay to discharge the last patient no matter how long.

Outpatient Anesthesia Services - Grant Diggles, CEO"We've carefully crafted our mission, vision and values to accurately reflect the culture of who we are. We believe this effort will provide an anesthesia experience that is well rounded on both a clinical and relational level, serving both our patients and our clients with the highest standards of care, compassion and service. It is my commitment that your interactions with our providers are consistent with those values, no matter who you work with."

Grant Diggles, CEO | Outpatient Anesthesia Services


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