Find Out WhY Surgeons Are Choosing Outpatient Anesthesia Services

“OAS’s ability to accommodate myself and my patients, even with special requests, is what makes their service so great. This is in addition to the great work that OAS’ providers do on a consistent basis day in and day out.”

Dr. Harold Kim, ENT

“Patients have been very happy with the OAS team. Blocks have been extremely effective, lasting in some cases almost 36 hours. The attention your team gives to the patients in making my patients feel comfortable, confident and well cared for is beyond reproach. Strong Work!!”

Dr. Michael Gentile, Podiatry

“OAS has been staffing our surgical center for several years. They provide competent care and are dependable. When they first started with us I had some concerns about OR turnover time, but OAS worked with our staff until I was satisfied.”

Dr. Bart Rask, Orthopedics

“OAS has been a flexible anesthesia solution for my practice offering the highest standards of care and service that I’ve seen, on both a clinical and administrative level. They are easy to work with and deliver the consistency I need to grow my practice. I highly recommend them.”

Dr. Tim Connall, Plastics

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Outpatient Anesthesia Services - Grant Diggles, CEO"We've carefully crafted our mission, vision and values to accurately reflect the culture of who we are. We believe this effort will provide an anesthesia experience that is well rounded on both a clinical and relational level, serving both our patients and our clients with the highest standards of care, compassion and service. It is my commitment that your interactions with our providers are consistent with those values, no matter who you work with."

Grant Diggles, CEO | Outpatient Anesthesia Services


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